Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Finger Food

Miss R loves having something to munch on - or suck on, in her case! I plan on listing a few age-appropriate finger food ideas about once a week to help you with variety and when you get stuck in a rut!

Today I'll go through food suitable from six months.  Make sure any food is cut up small, and any vegetable or hard fruit is cooked first so it's soft. Place several pieces on the high chair tray or on a plastic plate and let your baby have fun!

Frozen peas
heated and cooled.
They're the perfect size and great for babies to try and grasp.

I find it easier to use a slice of bread that has been frozen, as it's easier to cut.
Spread a thin layer of Vegemite, leave it plain, or a bit of butter. Then cut it in to 1cm cubes. I leave the crusts on, Miss R eats them well. If you prefer, cut the crusts off before cutting in to cubes.

You can either grate some cheese, or cut up small cubes. Try different types of cheese - tasty, Colby, mild, Edam.

Peel, core and cut in to small pieces, then simmer in some water til it is soft.
An alternative is to grate an apple. That way you don't have to cook it, as it's small enough for your baby to munch on.

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