Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby's First Tastes

Now that I'm on to my third child, I decided that jarred/tinned baby food isn't the best for my children. It doesn't even taste very good! I did it with my eldest, did half jarred/half homemade with my second, and when my third was born, I knew I had to make the full switch. I now make all my baby food, with the exception of rice/wholegrain cereal. I thought I would share recipes, food combinations that has worked for me and that my youngest, Miss 7 months, really enjoys. Any recipes that are not mine, I will endeavour to link to the original site.

Today I'll share the first taste that worked well for me. 

Miss 7 months had banana as her first food. I know it's probably better to start with savoury tastes, so babies don't become too attached to sweet flavours,but she loves her savoury just as much, so it doesn't concern me. I then moved quickly to pumpkin, kumara carrot and avocado, which I'll talk about in the next post. 

I use a baby food maker - so a steamer and processor. It is totally unnecessary, but I have found it helpful. I don't do big batches of food. If I did it wouldn't be appropriate, as mine only does smaller amounts. Other ways of cooking food is in the oven or steamer/pot.

Banana Mash
1/4 banana, ripe
Breast milk or formula to thin down, if required.

In a bowl, mash banana with a fork, until the right consistency. 

Discard any leftovers. 


  1. You have put discard leftovers, so do you make it up fresh every meal always? Do you do this just with banana or with everything?

    1. Hi Phillipa. Thanks for your question. I only discard any uneaten banana as it doesn't keep well. I freeze any food I make in ice cube trays, then once frozen, I then store them in labelled ziplock bags. I will explain more in the next post, with hopefully some photos!